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List of selected activities related to consulting, research, event and publication.



Johor Bahru Bus Services Integration


Year: 1997 | Cost: 0.5 million

Client: Johor State Government

Proposed Johor New Administrative Centre (Johor Perdana)

Year: 1997 | Cost: 5 million

Client: Johor State Government

Johor Bahru Centre District Development Urban Plan (with a view to gazet as a Local Pelan)

Year: 1998 | Cost: 5 million

Client: Johor State Government

Johor Tenggara Strategic Planning Study

Year: 1999 | Cost: 2 million

Client: Johor State Government

Muar River Basin Development Study

Year: 2000 | Cost: 3 million

Client: Johor State Government

Physical Planning Guidelines for the MSC and Urban Design Guidelines for Putrajaya

Year: 2000 | Cost: 1 million

Client: Federal Development of  Town and Country Planning

Reviving Cities: Enterprise, Maritime, Heritage Opportunities

Monographs | 2000
ISBN 983-99980-7-2

Applies Information in Environmental and Urban Management

Monographs | 1999
ISBN 983-99980-5-6

Social Challenges of Rapid Economic Transformation

Proceeding | 1998

Borderless Region for Sustainable Progress

Monographs | 1998
ISBN 983-99980-4-8

Improving Urban Environment in Southeast Asia: Managing Industrialisation through Satellite Communities

Monographs | 1997
ISBN 983-99980-3-X

Energy Technologies and Environmental Issues in The Transport Sector

Proceeding | 1996
ISBN 983-99980-2-1

Towards a Sustainable Urban Environment in Southeast Asia

Monographs | 1995
ISBN 983-99980-1-3

Environmental and Urban Management in Southesat Asia

Monographs | 1994
ISBN 983-99980-0-5

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